David Glasser Founder and Chief Engineer. Over four decades in audio. Two-time GRAMMY winner. Music fanatic. Firefighter.

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  • When you’ve listened to your mixes so much that your ears have gone numb David Glasser provides the objectivity and expertise in mastering to rock your record across the finish line. His mastering room is a magic box. A good mix goes in and a great sounding record comes out. Airshow is the umami in my post-production recipe. — Aaron Youngberg, Swingfingers Studio, Fort Collins CO

    Aaron Youngberg
  • I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top mastering engineers in the country over the course of 35 years as a recording artist. I became aware of David’s work when one of my most trusted recording engineers did a blind test, playing me a single song that he had had mastered by different engineers. The A/B test between the versions was apparent: David’s work had more nuance, more power and more grace. His approach to the EQ spectrum and compression stood out as aggressive and refined. The albums I have had mastered at Airshow are what I consider to be some of the best of my career. David Glasser’s work helped the standout engineering and mix work on these albums stand out even more, and made the albums more coherent and focused. This is the goal of a great mastering engineer. I cannot recommend David’s work highly enough. —Victor Krummenacher

    The Bronte Pin
    Victor Krummenacher
  • As I’ve worked as a producer and engineer over the years there’s a handful of people whom I’ve come to place my deepest trust in. David Glasser is at the top of that list. He’s mastered all manner of records for me—roots, indie rock, jazz, contemporary classical—and he’s done a fabulous job every time. It’s a highlight of every project I’ve done giving a first listen to his mastering work. David, Ann Blonston and the entire team at Airshow are warm, friendly and at the top of their game. —Ben Wittman, musician, producer

    Rose and the Nightingale
    Ben Wittman
  • I’m primarily a bluegrass engineer, a genre that requires accurately recorded, authentic presentation of the high-end instruments that the players bring. David Glasser has a knack for making my mixes sound exponentially better, but preserving EXACTLY what I send. He’s my go-to for all mastering needs.
    – Stephen Mougin, guitarist and founder, Dark Shadow Recording

    Stephen Mougin
  • The records I produce span many genres: bluegrass, Italian pop, post-modern punk, beyond and back again. Over the past fifteen years David Glasser has mastered a great many of these projects, always with fantastic results. No matter what the sonic landscape, Dave has an unusual ability to bring out the best in each project while always maintaining ultimate respect for the musicality and dynamics of the given body of work. In this increasingly “broad stroke, slap-dash” world, David Glasser remains a true artisan. I trust him completely to work on my projects without my presence but I always prefer to travel to Boulder to be with him if I can because, among other things, I really enjoy his company. —Jono Manson, The Kitchen Sink, Santa Fe NM

    The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio
    Jono Manson
  • The Grateful Dead have been working with David Glasser for almost 15 years, starting with mastering surround and stereo mixes on a couple of Double Platinum DVD releases in 2004 and 2005. Since that time, David’s mastered countless Grateful Dead DVDs, theatrical concert films, live archival releases, and he’s been the exclusive mastering engineer for all reissues of the Grateful Dead’s studio catalog, from the 1st album from 1967 to the last album from 1989. He’s mastered these albums for CD, vinyl, and high-res audio. Every review of these reissues has raved about the sound quality and mastering as much as the music itself. David’s a gem to work with, always delivers on time and on budget. Dead Heads are fortunate to have David working on the material we all love so much. —David Lemieux, Grateful Dead Legacy Manager, Producer, Archivist

    David Lemieux
  • After pouring my heart and soul into the music I engineer/produce/mix, there is NO ONE I trust more than David Glasser to take my work, and the blood, sweat, and tears of my clients, to the next level. He’s a consummate artist and technician, a great communicator, and at his core, a sweet and generous human being. —Bruce Kaphan, guitarist, producer

    Bruce Kaphab
    Bruce Kaphan
  • Airshow is my first choice for mastering my projects. David Glasser has the best ears in the business. I always receive the highest compliments from my artists and customers. —Tom Burns, Founder Capri Records

    Katie Thiroux
    Tom Burns
  • It’s hard to be objective about Dave Glasser’s work because we’ve become friends over the last several years. On the other hand, we wouldn’t have become friends if I hadn’t come to him for mastering work a number of times. I was an admirer of his mastering talent before we ever met – his work on archival Grateful Dead projects and countless other releases by my favorites artists is unparalleled in its musicality. —David Gans, musician, author, broadcaster

    David-Gans, It's A Hand-Me-Down
    David Gans
  • The comments across the board on these masters are fantastic! Great job out of Airshow Mastering!—Mark Pinkus, VP Warner Entertainment

    Grateful Dead, Complete Studio Albums Collection
    Mark Pinkus
  • Airshow Mastering is ace. David Glasser‘s connection to The Dead was huge ‘cause we were covering “Deep Elem Blues” that I know and love from The Grateful Dead version. I said I wanted it warm and sounding like an old blues record with a little more bump in the bass… and he did just that. Mellow, cool guy, humble, and totally took the time to get it how we wanted it to sound.—Eric Halborg, Dragondeer

    Dragondeer, Don't That Feel Good
    Eric Halborg
  • Dave is absolutely my go-to guy for any and every surround project that I’m fortunate to work with. Dave has the ears, the equipment, the environment, and the temperament that I look for in a mastering engineer. I have asked for his involvement in several projects including the Grateful Dead Movie and Sunshine Daydream, and I am always happy with results. They sound great, and I know the technical side has been taken care of. Plus, he’s a good guy as well! —Jeffrey Norman, Mockingbird Mastering, Petaluma CA

    Jeffrey Norman
    Jeffrey Norman
  • I have been making music for almost 50 years now. . I have never had a better mastering experience than I get from Dave at Airshow. I have used him exclusively for five years now. He really is a magician…and my dog loves hanging with the squirrels, too. — Joe Michaels, Producer, Snapped On The River Music

    Deanna Bogart
    Joe Michaels


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