Airshow offers audio mastering for all release formats including CD, downloads, DVD, DSD/SACD, Blu-ray, vinyl and MQA. Airshow’s mastering engineers bring decades of experience and a passion for music to every project. We have mastered thousands of projects in a wide range of genres, for clients ranging from major labels to first-time independents.

Airshow’s TEC-Award nominated mastering studio, designed by Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics, is equipped with top-notch analog and digital gear.

Projects mastered at Airshow have won numerous Grammy awards and collected over 100 Grammy nominations, numerous gold and platinum sales records, and other industry accolades; yet, the highest accolade is the confidence of our clients.

Mastering is the last step in the audio production process and combines technical and creative elements. As part of the creative team, we invite you to schedule a listening session to check out your mixes prior to mastering.

Check out these tips before your session: Make the Most of Your Mastering Session.

Studer A820
Ampex ATR 104
Headstacks for 1/4” full track, quarter track, NAB & DIN 2 track; 1/2” 2, 3, and 4 track playback. 1” 2 Track on request. Choice of replay electronics, including Plangent Processes
Tascam & Nakamichi cassette decks
Sony PCM-7030 and Tascam DA-45 DAT recorders
Tascam DA-98 DSD recorder, DA-88 compatible
Sony PCM-1630 system
Sony PCM-601 F1 format system
Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Evolution turntable

Sontec MES-432C/6
Prismsound Maselec MEA-2
API 5500 and 550m
Pultec EQM-1A3
Weiss EQ-1 MkIII
Z-Sys ZQ-6 surround
Z-Sys ZQ-2 stereo

SSL Multichannel compressor
API 2500 compressor
Maselec MPL-2 peak/high frequency limiter/de-esser
Maselec MLA-4 multiband compressor/expander
Fairman TMC compressor
Weiss DS-1 MKII
Waves L2 limiter

Maselec MTC-6 analog transfer & mastering console
Z-Systems 32×32 AES Routing Switcher

TC 6000 w/ Surround Mastering, GML EQ, Unwrap, & Backdrop plug-ins
Lexicon 300 reverb & effects processor
Sony DRE-777 convolution reverb
Weiss SFC-2 sample rate converter
Z-Sys SRC3 sample rate converter
RME-DD192 digital format converter
Z-Sys Z-K6 surround processor
Dolby, DTS & Circle Sound surround processors

Workstations & Converters
Sonic Studio soundBlade w/ all options
Sony Sonoma w/ SBM-direct DSD>PCM converter, SACD authoring
ProTools 10 & 11
Plugins include
iZotope RX6 audio restoration suite
iZotope Ozone 8
Sonnox Oxford Limiter & Inflator
Wholegrain Systems Quartet & Trio
Weiss Saracon DSD/PCM sample rate conversion

Plugins include
iZotope RX6 audio restoration suite
iZotope Ozone 8
Sonnox Oxford Limiter & Inflator
Wholegrain Systems Quartet & Trio
Weiss Saracon DSD/PCM sample rate conversion

Pacific Microsonics HDCD Model 2
Pacific Microsonics HDCD Model 1
Prismsound ADA-8XR 8 channel PCM & DSD converter
Ayre AD9 PCM & DSD A/D converter
Meitner 8 channel DSD D/A converter
Mytek 8×192 8 channel PCM & DSD converter

Dunlavy SC-V loudspeakers (FL and FR)
Dunlavy SC-IV (C, LS, RS)
Dual Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofers
Ayre Acoustics amplification
Grace 920 headphone amplifier
Grace 905 monitor controller
Mytek and Sony AES metering

Please tell us a little about yourself if you'd like us to contact you about rates and scheduling. You are also welcome to call us at 303-247-9035 at any time.
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