Otis Taylor’s “Clovis People Vol 3” out on Telarc Records, mastered by David Glasser


“Clovis People Vol 3” (Telarc Records) is the 6th project that I’ve mastered for Otis Taylor. Each has been refreshingly unique, but this one really stands out. Excellent songs (natch); a great band that includes Ron Miles, Gary Moore, Chuck Campbell, and Cassie Taylor; and a fantastic sound. Otis is an easy guy to work with and he always gives his musicians and engineers plenty of room, but on this record he was pretty adamant about his vocal presence, and it’s his most compelling singing yet. A Sonoma multitrack DSD workstation was used for tracking and mixing at Immersive Studios with engineers Mike Yauk and Matt Sandoski.  Airshow’s 8 channel Sonoma was used for mastering.” – David Glasser