Happy 33-1/3 Birthday to Us!

Airshow 33 1/3

The official studio warming of the new Boulder Airshow coincided with Airshow’s 33-1/3 anniversary. David Glasser founded Airshow in spring 1983 to do live recording for broadcast (hence air + show; now you know). The very first Airshow studio was in a basement, like many studio startups. In 1990, David graduated to a purpose-built room in Springfield VA, a spot that Charlie Pilzer later called home after David decamped for Boulder in 1997. Today,  Airshow’s rooms in the beautiful Takoma Park complex Charlie built in 2010 and in Boulder all bear the stamp of  Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics.

On Sunday, Sept. 18, Sam joined Dave, Anna Frick and Ann Blonston in welcoming friends and clients to the Boulder studio. Said David, “I couldn’t be happier with the new studio. It sounds so good and it’s in a beautiful setting that I don’t tire of. Likewise, the great music and friends never get old. Our industry has been through head-spinning changes in the decades since we started, yet the role of the mastering engineer hasn’t changed. My goal has always been to offer the highest audio quality possible to our clients–from new artists to legends–and give them a master that is a best reflection of their vision for their project. it was great to kick off the next phase of Airshow with clients and friends all around.” As if to illustrate David’s observation about the breadth of Airshow’s clientele, Blues banjo legend Otis Taylor and the up and coming Railsplitters provided the entertainment.

A Facebook album is here.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the new Airshow and listen to the performance of the new room, please be in touch. We welcome an opportunity to show off the new Airshow Boulder.