Airshow adds Plangent Processes analog transfers to restoration services

Airshow is proud to announce the addition of Plangent Processes analog transfers to our list of available restoration services. With the installation of custom Plangent tape replay electronics and heads installed on one of our ATR-100 tape machines and our partnership with Jamie Howarth at Plangent Processes, we’ve made available to our clients the best transfer and restoration package possible.

Using analog transfers at Airshow, combined with Jamie’s proprietary signal processing, we can eliminate wow, flutter and other speed aberrations present on even the finest analog tape recordings, revealing previously unheard clarity and increased image depth and focus.

Satisfied Plangent clients include Grateful Dead Productions, Neil Young, Pete Seeger, Queen, Sony Pictures, Fox Video, and many others.

For a demonstration or information on “Plangent-optimized” transfers, please contact David Glasser at 303-247-9035.